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Neighborhood Watch

We are all called to let our light shine.  The goal of this group will be to demonstrate how easy this command of our Lord really is.  It seems very ineffective to go door to door in strange neighborhoods and street evangelism has all but lost it’s effectiveness given some of the extremely questionable methods and individuals who have attempted to use this means of evangelism.  We have a much higher probability of reaching those individuals that God has already brought us into relationship with.  There is a reason that your friends, family, and neighbors are in your life; God has placed them there to see your example.  In this small group, each week, we will choose a name on the list of group members and the entire group will meet at your home to pray for the people in your neighborhood.  We aren’t asking that you entertain us.  We just want a place to meet where we can pray for your local needs: the schools that the children attend and their leadership, neighbors that you know are facing battles with health issues, local community leaders, etc.  But most importantly we will pray that there is an awakening and a move of God in your neighborhood.  To supplement our group you will be encouraged to invite other like minded Christian brothers and sisters that live in your neighborhood to help us pray.  We will then take a walk and as we walk we will have fellowship but we will also be praying over your neighbors.  There will be approximately 10 weeks for this small group so we are looking for multiples of 5.  If we have 5 members then we can go to each neighborhood twice, 10 members and we can go to each neighborhood only once, 20 members and we split the group into teams and pray in 2 neighborhoods at a time.  No limits to God’s work.  After this small group has finished it is our great hope that you and the neighbors that you have brought will continue to meet to pray over your neighborhoods together - forming a kind of spiritual neighborhood watch to stand guard over our communities.

To join this small group, please click here and fill out the form.

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