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 Hello! I am Jeff Blagg, pastor of SonRise Church. This faith community has been home to my family and I since 1997. We enjoy the people we serve and are continually excited to see what this church can do in the community. 

I believe that our freedom in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit empower us to make a positive difference. We do not need to be afraid! God gives us strength to turn our weaknesses around and wisdom to figure out the puzzles we find in life. We will never know it all in this life- but we serve the One Who does!

I believe that Jesus Christ commands His people- including myself- to get involved. We cannot simply stay in our church walls and hope to serve those outside them. We cannot wait for the occasional chance to share the reason for the hope we have that occurs when someone walks in- we have to take the time to get out there and lovingly show people how God has and IS changing US. 

I am excited to lead an awesome group of disciples of Jesus Christ on a journey to do exactly that- to share and to serve. Come and take part in the greatest mission ever- the mission Jesus gave all His people. 




SonRise church is a family church. That does not mean that you have to HAVE a family to come and be a part, but that once you are here you will find a wonderful group of people who will make you feel like you are part of a family.

There are people here from all age groups. You will find people with many different interests. We come from all over the area, the state, and even the world. We are bound together by our love of Jesus Christ, our belief in His Word and our common desire to serve. 

We are part of the Assemblies of God- but this congregation comes from many Christian spiritual backgrounds. We believe that Jesus is changing our nature. 

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