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Committed to developing disciples of Jesus Christ


We live in a virtual world these days- at least for many people. Life is lived on Zoom and Go To Meeting and other platforms. "Virtual" hugs are a thing. Facetime and Duos and gadgets become one way to stay in touch. A great number of people are still quite scared. I GET that, and certainly understand that you have to take whatever precautions you feel are necessary to stay safe. 

One thing that I DO notice is that a "virtual" social experience, as SAFE as it may be, is not satisfactory to most people. You can only focus on Zoom for so long. You can only find so much joy in Email or text chats. As the months drag by, it gets harder for many people to feel connected to much of anything, or to each other. That makes life a poorer experience! Whatever your comfort and confidence level, I encourage you to find ways to be part of some community that is NOT electronic! 

SonRise is a wonderful faith community. If you are doing your research and looking for a church community to be part of, I cannot recommend SonRise highly enough- and that is not because I am the pastor! These people truly love Jesus, and they are students of the Word of God. They love, encourage, and bring hope. Come on out and be a part of a few services, and you will meet people you can celebrate your faith with. It is a privilege to take the journey with them!

In fact, our society today needs people just like those who are part of this community. We live in a world where truth is uncertain to many, and change seems to be the main connector. A group of people who follow the truth is an encouragement and support to those looking for truth. Jesus said He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He does not change due to social pressures- for the truth does not change. You know where you stand, and where it is spiritually safe to go. And a group of people who follow the truth lovingly aren't arrogant, harsh or judgmental. The world is not to be condemned...even Jesus did not do that. It is to be reached, liberated and changed. We are far from perfect, but we know Who we are following and are heading where He leads!

On this site you will find connections to video sermons, material explaining what we believe and some of what is passing in our community as seen on its calendar. I hope you find what you need. If you do not, please click on the "Let's Chat!" button to the right of this text. This will send me an email, which I will answer just as soon as I can!

We talked for quite a while about the threat of Covid, as all churches have had to make some accommodation to protect people. I will keep this part simple. If you wish to mask up, please do. That will be just fine. If you have your shot- great. If not, no problem. If you want socially distanced seating, it exists. If kids groups or youth groups make you nervous, keep your kids with you, we understand. Everyone won't be masked, as people do what they think best. If that makes you nervous, please use the resources we have online! We will check your temperature when you enter- that happens to everyone, even me. If you feel ill, please do not come. People will respect your choices!

However you interact with your community, we hope you find blessing and purpose in it! God loves you!

Pastor Jeff