Committed to developing disciples of Jesus Christ

Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are welcome here.


I believe that people who are looking for a church, or who visit a church, generally ask a few questions. The first question may be "What does this church DO? What makes it stand out in any way?" The second question may sound selfish to some, but it is a universal human question..."What is in it for me? What will I get if I come back?"

Let me see if I can answer those questions! What are we known for? What should make us stand out? This church is an awesome bunch of people who work together to make things happen. We are not perfect- who is other than Jesus?- but we do pull together and care about each other to try and help get things done. We might say, like many other churches, that we are a "family Church." But you don't have to HAVE a family with you to enjoy the family.

We worship and pray together and work to solve problems whether you are single and 22 or a grandparent with a huge family at 78.
That helps answer the second question...what is in it for you? Can you come here and choose not to engage with anyone? You could, but then you miss out on something we are best at! So...engage! People will try to make connection with you at most services, anyway. We have good teaching and an incredible worship team. We have awesome prayer groups and interact with our community on a regular basis. You will have opportunities to learn and grow, to serve and solve problems, and to find a place to worship God with family.

That said, I hope to see you soon!
Pastor Jeff