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Happy Palm Sunday!

I know that we would like to be meeting together. We hope that we can have a drive-in service next Sunday for Easter, one in which you can pull into the parking lot and hear the message and worship without being exposed to anyone else outside of your car. There is a lot to do to make that work, but perhaps I should ask first...if you would like to do this? It does complicate the video recording a bit...so if only a few wish to come for that, it might be wiser to do what we have been doing. Call me or email us and let us know!

The message is a bit shorter this week- still trying to dial in this pre-recorded system. I find that so much of what God gives comes back from your faces and reactions...delivering a message to a nearly empty room is a challenge. I appreciate your patient encouragement!

Kids Ministry has created a Facebook group that many of you are a part of, and has produced videos dealing with the lesson material and the crofts involved. Huge kudos to Pastor Danny and Erin on that one. As the Wednesday program and the Sunday kids program mirror each other, one lesson set on that page will suffice. If you have kids and are NOT part of that Facebook group, please contact Pastor Danny and he will get you in.

Pastor Brian is recording material and will be sending it out to EPIC students through their social media connections. Huge kudos to Pastor Brian as well! Any youth or adults with youth who do not know about this social media channel are encouraged to please contact Pastor Brian to get technical details. 

As you know, for our current adult Wednesday night series, I am linking you to Right Now Media (if you do not have an invite, please email me an ask for one!) and ask you to watch Francis Chan's Study of the Book of Mark. Each week we will watch three lessons- this week it is Lessons 7, 8 and 9, going through Mark 6:30 to 13:37. 

There are study guides available for purchase if you would like one- however, under the tab above saying "More", there is a section near the bottom of that menu called "File Share." If you click on that, you will find a document called "Discussion and Study Questions to go with Francis Chan Study of the Book of Mark Week 3". There are several discussion questions written by me in there for your prayerful consideration. I hope the material helps!

Next week, Wednesday April 15th, we will be running a Go To Meeting lesson on the last two lessons in the Francis Chan study of Mark. What that means is that you will go to RightNow Media, watch the lessons on your own, and I will have Week 4's discussion questions on the File Share part of this website. At 7 pm on Wednesday, if you have asked to be invited, I will start an online meeting where we can discuss the discussion questions, as well as those you may have. 

If this seems desirable to you, please let me know, again by email or phone. I would love to explore this option- though the timeline for this is about 2 weeks out. Let's pray that God fixes this crazy virus issue before then!

We will continue to update you as changes occur. Currently the ban on travel extends through Easter Sunday...but we are hoping to celebrate that together! Let's stay in prayer for those suffering from this virus, and ask God to bring the situation to an end!

Pastor Jeff

Video series at: RightNow Media

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